Saturday, January 23, 2010


There are many reasons a person may journal or blog. I am beginning this personal blog to help me chronicle thoughts, feelings and events that are significant to me and to do it so that my kids, family and friend might read and understand. I DO NOT believe that my experiences or ideas should be followed by all, however, at this point I would rather leave my thoughts behind for others to glean from than to trap them in my mind or to forget them all together.

Why "The Father's House" -- Because when I think of a safe place to rest, grow and gain wisdom, I think of a home, my Father's home. For me, that really applies to my Heavenly Father, who accepts me in and gives me a home, even though I am a spiritual orphan with a wicked heart. To me, "The Father's House" represents the place God meets with me and brings me life and success. In Christian scripture, the idea of God's House of the Father's House comes with many benefits that are not understood by most.

If my thoughts can be a contemporary picture of life for someone and can help to navigate readers away from trouble and toward success, then the time invested is well worth it. For now, the time is late and my eyes are falling to sleep.

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