Sunday, February 14, 2010


After I flew to Florida to help with my Grandfather's funeral and to be with family I more and more seriously think about my last days, and the last days of my father. I don't want to be sorry I missed certain things. I surely do not want to have missed the love of my life and the joy we should share together. The truth is, I have her in my life now, I just want to be very careful to appreciate her and to have fun with her.

I want to spend time on the beach together. I want to travel to great locations around the country and abroad. I want to cruise the oceans, taste foods I've never eaten, climb mountains I've never seen and fall in love all over again at each experience. The truth is, we, my "good thing" and I, are getting older. We already hear our bodies talking back to us and see signs of "maturity". Does this mean we should slow down or stop dreaming together, no way. It means, to me at least, that we should not listen to the news, our friends, family or whomever would discourage us from staying young and doing all the things we dream of.

When I add the thought of my kids to the mix and even extended family, I think they also need the blessing of being more than mediocre. I believe they need to see us struggle with live, even when it feels like too much and to see us make each other a priority. And, not just the boring everyday version of each other, but the exciting and adventurous side of each other. The version that we fell in love with those first few months together.

For Shanna and myself, we have talked about going to other cities and other countries. I'm not sure HOW to do this, but I am sure we would love it. We value sharing the experience together, so to go and work all the time or to go and be alone, that is not the plan. To go and have the amazing blessing to experience the new adventure with the person we love most, that is what we are after.

I am getting too tired to continue, so maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile, Shanna if you read this, know that it is my hearts desire to share my everyday and every experience with you and to see you smile. I love you, Happy Valentines Day....