Thursday, July 21, 2011

When am I "home"???

Outside there are toys laying around, a towel on the front walk, trash cans in front of the Garage, yes, the same cans our HOA sent us a letter about. The front yard is getting thick and green, it's about time, and the Aspen tree is growing another foot this year. It is cool outside, like, 67 degrees cool. Here in Colorado, even in a community like ours, where many outside lights are left on, you can see a blanket of stars at this time of night.

The feeling of familiarity is comforting. The custom paint on the doorway and the pictures of our little dancer in the foyer make my house seem more like a home. It's after midnight and I am checking on the kids. They left lights on upstairs and my 14 year old is not in her room. I am especially interested in my 16 year old, she just flew in from Nashville today and is very tired, I will go "tuck her in", but don't tell her I said that. I go downstairs to the basement where the temp. is like 15 degrees cooler, which feels awesome to sleep in. My 11 yr old son and 14yr old daughter are falling asleep on the couches in front of a movie. My 16 yr old is very asleep in her own beed after being gone nearly a week, I'm sure she is happy for that. My 10 yr old lady is sound asleep in her own bedroom with the radio cranking and the closet light on. The baby, my 4 yr old, is also very asleep in his bed with 3 blankets just in case. They are all accounted for, lights out, up stairs, thank you Jesus.

The garage was open, so I must turn off the lights that I hung, make sure the garage door closes and get in the house. All is good. When inside and locked up, I head to our beedroom. The wife is sleeping so I grab my laptop, put in a mindless movie and a book I want to glance at before bed. All my stuff, in my room, with my wife, on my tv, near my dresser and the other things I have become so used to having. It has been since 2003 that we have lived here. Tme has made this a home for us. Love and friends have made it a home. Life experienced each day inside this home, life as a family, has made this a home. As I walked back in tonight, I walked into a home, not just a house. Thank You God for the gift of a home, the RamFamHome!!!

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